Books I would recommend (this is only a small collection of the books I have read on this journey – contact me for more specifics)

The School Of Natural Healing – Dr John Ray Christopher

Back to Eden – Jethro Kloss

Vitalism – Matthew Wood

The Green Pharmacy- Griggs

Medical Herbalism – David Hoffmann

Herbal Formularies, Volumes 1-4 – Jill Stansbury

Living Foods for Optimal Health – Brian R Clement

Herbal Antivirals – Stephen Buhner

Herbal Antibiotics – Stephen Buhner

Practical Herbal Cards – Henriette Kress

The Healing Power of Garlic / Ginseng – Paul Bergner

The Yoga of Herbs – David Frawley

Ayurveda – The Science of Self Healing – Vasant Dattatry Lad

Bechamp or Pasteur – Ethel D Hume

Goodbye Germ Theory – Willaim P Trebing

Courses I would recommend

Any course from The Irish School of Herbal Medicine

Any course from The Wild Side of Life with Fred Gillam The Wild Side of Life | Bringing the wild a step closer

Any course from the School of Evolutionary Herbalism (USA) Home – The School of Evolutionary Herbalism

Any course from Leo Rutherford and Eagles Wing (shamanic courses) (click here)