How is Herbalism different from Pharmaceutically based medicine?

Western Herbal Medicine has an extremely long history, far longer in fact than ‘conventional medicine’.  The earliest records of the use of medicinal herbs were associated with the Assyro-Babylonians and the Egyptians.  The Egyptian Ebers papyrus (c1550 BC) includes over 700 prescriptions which mention caraway, coriander, garlic, linseed, peppermint, figs, fennel, anise, poppy and castor oil.

Medical Herbalists treat a wide variety of conditions. They focus on treating the whole person, both their physical symptoms and emotional health. Herbalists understand that the mind and body are connected and that one cannot function to the best of its ability unless the other one is working well. This ‘whole body’ type of medicine means that the root cause of an illness is addressed.