How can Herbalism Help you?

What is Medicinal Herbalism?

Herbal medicine is the study or practice of the medicinal and therapeutic use of plants. It is a gentle medicine with individual formulas tailored to each person, meaning that no two formulas are the same. 

For a detailed explanation of the difference between firstly NHS/Pharmaceutical Medicine and secondly Herbal/Holistic Medicine please click here

Herbal medicines are plant-based medicines made from differing combinations of plant parts e.g. leaves, flowers or roots. Each part of the plant possesses different medicinal uses and the many types of chemical constituents used often require different extraction methods. Both fresh and dried plant matter are used, depending on the herb.

To Herbalists, health is not just ‘the absence of disease’. It is vitality, energy, clear thought, immunity, and strength. How we treat our minds and bodies has a direct effect on health. As such, we are ultimately responsible for the health and well being of our bodies. We work by fine tuning the body to prevent it from becoming ill in the first place.

Our medical herbalists carefully take a case history from each client and make up specific herbal formulas for their individual complaint. Each herbal remedy is carefully thought through and mixtures are made by hand. 

Herbal Medicine is suitable for people of any age, including children, who respond especially well to the gentle actions of herbs. Each patient is treated as an individual – a Medical Herbalist recognises that no two patients are the same.

Today, about 40 percent of our prescription medicines come from plant extracts or synthesized plant compounds. Using a Herbalist means that you are getting pure plant medicine rather than chemically-created medicine (Pharmaceutical medicine) which means fewer side effects and therefore less medicine to take.