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Sarah is a Master Medicinal Herbalist and Iridologist (The Irish School of Herbal Medicine)

Master Herbalists complete a 4-year course and have 600 hours of clinical experience to qualify

“Herbalist” is not a protected term to use so many courses in herbalism can be shorter/less rigorous.

“Medicinal” means that Sarah thinks carefully about how herbs and any pharmaceutical medicines might interact. She offers individualised herbal prescriptions based on your specific circumstances. The use of these herbs can be traced back thousands of years. In a way, Sarah is bringing back the medicine of our forefathers after all, what medicine did people use before the invention of The National Health Service?

Diet and Nutrition

Looking at and understanding poor food choices is extremely important. Our bodies need fuel to work properly, and that fuel needs to be of good quality and life-sustaining. One of the questions that a client comes away thinking is’ Am I really willing to give up my bad food and health habits if it will make me better?’

Iridology (click here for video explanation)

“Iridology” is a powerful method of diagnosing where your body might be experiencing stresses and strains like inflammation, acidity, organ conditions, under or over-functioning and stress to name a few. By taking a close up picture of your eye and examining this picture at a millimetre by millimetre level a huge amount can be learnt about your whole system (much of it might be currently unseen otherwise).

The Root Cause of Illness

A Master Herbalist always looks to fix the ‘route cause of illness’, cleansing and nourishing the body to enable it to fix itself. A Herbalist also believes in empowering the client to make themselves well with herbal medicine, lifestyle changes and better food choices.

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Sarah is happy to have a free 15 minute chat with you on the phone if you wanted to explain your situation a little

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Sarahs Vision, Mission, Values & Personality:

Vision: To return herbal medicine to the forefront of personal healing.

Mission: To empower people in their own healing. This brings about transformation and lasting change to people’s health and lives. To give people agency & sovereignty in making decisions about their own health 

Values: Determined to help and kindly guide and empower people. Operating with trust, authenticity and equality in helping to create health agency/ownership within you