Restored Thryoid Function

I have an underactive thyroid and was told I needed an operation to have it removed. I went to see Sarah after many months of trying different types of treatment – I didn’t like the steroids that I’d tried, and I’d tried homoeopathy and Chinese herbs. Nothing had worked. Sarah was my last roll of the dice before surgery. 

I told her she had one chance. I had two months before my pre-op to have a complete thyroidectomy. 

I saw her for a consultation and she gave me a very interesting report about my health and was able to identify what my body needed. She made some herbs up for me from her dispensary. I started them the day they arrived. I didn’t notice anything for the first week or so but then I noticed I was feeling less tired and had more energy. I felt less depressed. My hair started to grow again. My weight stabilised. My face lost its ‘puffy’ look and my muscles stopped hurting so much. 

I went for my pre-op and the Nurse asked me what I was doing there. There was nothing wrong with my thyroid gland and sent me home. I was thrilled! No operation is needed and my thyroid has completely healed! I can’t recommend Sarah enough!