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How does Iridology work?

Eye analysis explained

iridology is a non-invasive eye photography technique. I have been trained how to take a close up of your eye – (using a small handheld camera), and then I examine the image closely.

I’m looking at the fibres in the eye if there are any coloured markings or spots and any other interesting factors such as holes or sealed over holes.

Bearing in mind the majority of us have never even seen our eyes up close, it is amazing!

Here is a close up photograph of an eye so you can see what I’m looking at.

Notice the fibres, the colours of the fibres, the white circle around the pupil, and the depth of tissue. These all mean something to a trained Iridologist. These markings indicate both physical and emotional attributes- such as how well the body is absorbing food to how well you get on with your parents!

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