Trying to stay positive

Some of you will no doubt be suffering from the effects of lockdown. You may be feeling lonely, not being able to see you family or usual support network.

You could be feeling frustrated and irritated. And one of these reasons may be because you are not able to get outside, spend time with your friends, even meet more than a couple of your friends.

Or it might be that you are fighting an illness or have loved ones around you fighting battles that I know nothing about.

I just wanted to say I am here for you.

I am here, writing this blog, wondering if anyone sees it. I, too, am trying to pull myself out of all of the feelings that I have described. I share the same concerns. Asking myself how did we get here – how can we get out of this place and wondering if things will ever be the same.

So I have some ideas for you. Some new things for you to try.

My top tips.

Get outside. Walk in your own neighbourhood. Explore the parks. Find your nearest river or pond and explore it. Try and find frogs or frog spawn (in the UK), there are millions of new buds and flowers coming up now. Check for new plants, see if the little song birds are making their way back to your bird table.

Try something new! Find a new hobby – it could be photographing tiny things – using your camera or your phone. You could make something out of a material or fabric you know nothing about. You could dry drawing or painting – try Bob Ross on youtube. You could try and make or fix something – clothes, a pair of socks, an old chair seat or something that you know needs fixing but you haven’t got around to. Try and knit a pair of socks! You could even try and make cheese!

Above all, try and stay positive. The power of positivity is what will put you on the right path.

The Power of positive thinking:

Bob Ross:

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