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Why Herbalism?

I searched for years for my true calling and as much as I could settle in lots of different positions, and master many of them, nothing felt right. Until I found Herbalism.

My mum is a Homoeopath and after many years I thought – why not try something in natural medicine? An alternative therapy? I knew I didn’t want to be a Homeopath with those little white pills. But I did like the sound of helping people. I like trying to help people restore their ‘core balance’. I like to think that we all have a thread of golden light in us. My job as a Herbalist is to restore that balance and bring us back into alignment again. Restore that ‘golden rod’ of light that runs through each one of us.

Being a Herbalist isn’t just about herbs.

It’s about being good to yourself. Finding harmony in ourselves, being a good person, spending time in nature, taking notice of what our bodies are telling us. Learning to listen to our inner voice.

Herbs aren’t meant for long term use.

They can act as a fantastic prop for a short term problem but what I am looking to do with every person that I treat is to teach them to treat themselves. Learn to listen to our bodies when they are exhausted. Learn the language. I want people to take their health care back from health providers. Learn and believe that you can do that.

Being a Herbalist is a gift. A gift that I give to you. A gift of empowerment and self-belief. And of course, I will give you herbs and share my wisdom with you. It is my true belief that Herbalism should not be shrouded in mystery. That’s why there is so much information out there about herbalism. But if you want proper treatment, you come to a Herbalist.They know about dosage, interactions and what herb to use for what condition.

In the same way that if you want to learn about something properly, you go to a professional.

Heres a link to the fantstic course I studied.

Relax and unwind in nature

Need to unwind and relax this weekend? How about some Shinrin-yoku?  ‘Forest bathing’, is standard preventative medicine in Japan and becoming more popular in the UK too! People are beginning to realise that time in nature is the perfect antidote to feeling stressed out.

Did you know that a little time outdoors relaxes and de-stresses the body, encourages creativity and increases memory? Forest bathing is good exercise, also reducing blood pressure, increasing oxygen in the blood and making your heart and lungs stronger. And how about improving the quality of your sleep, reduces chronic pain and makes you feel happier?!

And there’s more! Being in nature also soothes your brain and helps you concentrate when you get back to work by increasing serotonin levels. Time in nature is also known to decrease depression and increases levels of Vitamin D.

And if you want to go one stage further – walking barefoot is even better for you! You absorb free energy from the earth, it is a real treat for your feet and gives them a rest from being inside shoes as well as providing reflexology and toe stretching!

Try and make an effort to get outside today or tomorrow and take advantage of what is on your doorstep! Relax in nature this weekend!

Your guide to forest bathing | Forestry England

Forest Bathing – Home

Finding some peace in these troubling times

These times are difficult for all of us. We are all feeling stressed and fatigued by Covid-19. I’m certainly feeling restless and want to break the rules – and get outside!

Welcome to my blog, where I will be talking about well-being, looking after yourself and staying positive for you and your loved ones with some simple tips.

I am a Medicinal Herbalist and advocate for healthy living.

In my world, keeping yourself healthy can be as easy as getting outside as much as you can, feeling the sun on your skin.

Try to find a patch of blue sky that you can see or sunlight and rest in it. Let the warmth of the sun infuse you, improving both your mental and physical well-being. Rest there awhile, and take a few minutes to relax and let go of your worries for a few minutes.

Finally, take a deep breath and slowly release it. Release those troubles. Find a little inner peace.